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Meru politicians urged to control their supporters

Meru County Commissioner Fred Ndunga has asked political candidates in the region to control their supporters to avoid chaos during the ongoing campaigns ahead of the forthcoming General Election.

While addressing journalists, Ndunga said all candidates starting from the Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) to the Presidential candidates will be held personally liable for any chaos caused by their supporters.

“We want to categorically tell the politicians that they are in charge of their supporters. If your supporters cause chaos in any place within the County, then the culprits and the politicians will be held responsible,” he said.

The county Commisioner directed Chiefs and their Assistants to monitor political activities that could disrupt peace and unity in their respective jurisdictions, during the ongoing political campaigns and after the August 9 General Elections.

“We have been enjoying a peaceful environment in this county and the country at large and we don’t want this to be watered down during the electioneering period as elections will come and go,” he said.

He also called on residents to exercise tolerance, especially while at other people’s political meetings, adding that there was no need to attend a political rally if one was not supporting the convener of the same.

“Why should you attend a meeting held by a candidate you don’t support only to go there and cause chaos?” he posed.

He said the county has adequate police force to ensure all those who were not adhering to the tenets of peaceful campaign period were brought to book.

“We have enough police officers to come for you wherever you will be if at all we will be convinced beyond reasonable doubts that you are behind the chaos in this county,” said Mr. Ndunga.

He also called on the candidates to respect their counterparts as well as government officers working in various departments, adding that elections were an exercise that will soon go and leave people working together as they have been.

“Of late we have had some candidates insulting us thinking that we are favouring their opponents. I want to assure them that our main purpose for being in this county is to work for you and not serve any political interest,” said Ndunga.

By Dickson Mwiti

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