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Migori farmers encouraged to use organic fertiliser

Farmers in Migori have been urged to embrace the use of organic farm inputs on their farms to promote climate-smart agriculture for sustainable economic growth.

The Chief Executive Officer for Egyagro East Africa Limited, Ahmed Abdelaziz, called upon farmers in Migori County to use organic fertilisers to increase farm produce and get healthier crops.

Abdelaziz said that the use of organic fertiliser will help to revive the soil acidity, or alkaline, and recover the soil ecosystem to ensure a productive yield for farmers.

He said that they have collaborated with the Export Trade Group (ETG) to help supply cocoly fertiliser, an organic farm input from Egyagro, to medium- and small-scale retailers and farmers across the country.

Cocoly fertiliser is a type of fertiliser that has more than twenty-three ingredients, including micronutrients, macronutrients, and seaweed fresh proteins, that make it a perfect fertiliser both for planting and top dressing. The fertiliser also contains a polymeric acid substance that can be used in both acidic and alkaline soil.

“We have been using cocoly fertiliser in North Africa and the Middle East, and its crop production in terms of high harvest is really good”, said Abdelaziz.

He noted that organic fertiliser will have a huge impact and efficiency on soil fertility, which will increase crop profitability for farmers.

The CEO noted that they have already started to train farmer groups in Migori on the importance of using organic fertiliser.

Chairperson of the Migori Kenya National Federation of Farmers (KENAFFA), Peter Chacha, said that they have partnered with Egyagro East Africa to enlighten farmers on the importance of using organic farm inputs on their farms.

Chacha noted that it was time for farmers to reduce the usage of chemicals and inorganic farm inputs for healthier farm produce. He emphasised that the continuous usage of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides has contributed to soil and water pollution and made the soil too acidic.

Similarly, Migori County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture Lucas Mosenda said that the county will continue to support investors in the agricultural sector.

Mosenda said that the use of friendly ecological farm inputs will be key to realising and promoting climate-smart agriculture and trade initiatives for sustainable economic growth in Migori County.

By Gilbert Onyango

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