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Migori farmers trained on matters value addition

A total of 40 Farmers in Migori County have graduated after a two-month intense training by Food Agricultural Organisation (FAO), on value addition.

The training on a programme dabbed: ‘Farmers’ Field School Programme was conducted at Maranatha Assemblies in Migori town where the trainees were educated on value addition to enhance market access for agribusiness ventures involving poultry and soya beans.

Food Agricultural Organisation Country Director, Mr Hamisi Muo, said that such training offered farmers capacity and resilience to be able to survive long in the years to come.

Muo noted that the present climate changes are coming with various economic challenges and farmers must be prepared adequately, to survive the vulnerabilities of the climatic fitful.

He said that the trained County officers in the Department of Agriculture would play a major role in passing the information to other farmers across the entire County.

“Farmers’ field school programme is a unique venture where we were able to train farmers so that they also train other farmers. One trained farmer will be able to reach other 40 farmers and the series continues,” stated Muo.

The training will spearhead value addition in chicken production, bean growing as well as help in access to the market for many farmers across Migori County.

The training also offers a chain approach where the trained farmers are followed to the grassroots level, to ensure they fully apply their knowledge in their daily farming activities.

Migori County Chief Officer-In-Charge of Agriculture, Mr. Elijah Gambere, said that the training will go a long way in making many farmers produce more quality farm products.

Gambere added that such trainings are a necessity and will make it easy for farmers to access the already flooded markets.

“Today we are witnessing the graduation of extension officers trained on how to reach the farmers and teach them about poultry and soya bean production, to boost their market research skills and understanding,” stated Gambere.

The Officer acknowledged that Migori County is rich in Poultry and Soya bean production, and the methodology of how to promote the two value chains has been wanting, thus the importance of the training programme.

He added that the FAO training, involves gaining skills that boost the production of quality products, to meet the demands of the market.

In addition, it will also make the farmers self-sufficient and able to make a living in farming and other agricultural activities.

The poultry and soya bean promotion programme is carried out in the entire County with a selection of a single farmer from each of the 40 wards in Migori County.

Gambere expressed his confidence in the Programme’s success as he anticipates an increase in the production of the two value chains of soya bean and poultry.

Farmers through their cooperative society representatives said that the training will help do value additions to the common farming methods and also make them access the markets much easier than before.

“As a farmers’ representative, the training I have been given has sharpened me and helped me gain the relevant skills which I am going to relay to farmers on the ground,” said Mr. Francis Mbogo, a chicken farmer from Uriri.

He added that they have been linked with off-takers who are the end chain in the line of production.

“I am seeing a bright future where farmers are going to reap big, as they are already linked up with ready markets for their produce,” he stated.

By Polycarp Ochieng and George Agimba


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