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Migori Governor urges investors to exploit palm farming potential

Migori Governor Dr. Ochilo Ayacko has encouraged investors to take advantage of the huge potential in palm farming that the county has to offer due to its favorable climatic conditions.

Ayacko said feasibility studies have shown that the county has the potential to grow and sustain palm trees, especially in Nyatike and Suna Sub counties.

The Governor, who spoke on Wednesday during a courtesy call by prospective palm investors at his County official residence, welcomed the move saying that the production of edible oil in the county will reduce the over-dependency on imports.

He noted that his administration will bring on board county, national, and international partners in palm farming thus creating opportunities for the county residents to improve their living standards through palm farming and job creation.

Migori and Homabay counties in South Nyanza have been identified as suitable for growing and processing of palm oil through feasibility studies previously carried out.

The Governor also acknowledged that his administration has consulted through a wide range of discussions to help both the county and the country to be self-reliant in palm oil production.

During the launch of the Sh500,000 Migori Aggregation and Industrial Park in September 2023, Ayacko affirmed that the county aimed to ensure Migori ventures into palm oil on at least 35 thousand acres to utilize the untapped edible oil markets in the country with 5,000 acres ready for immediate cultivation.

“According to data by the national government, palm oil is one of the items that the nation spends on hugely, almost 1.4 billion US dollars in importations”, affirmed Ochilo.

He said that once the county commences palm farming, the county government will consider the possibility of establishing a processing plant for value addition which will also create job opportunities for the county residents.

Johnstone Mwangi, one of the investors interested in investing in palm farming in Migori and Homabay Counties said that the project proposal has been in place for a while, adding that it will be an important project in terms of provision of edible oil and economic development.

“We are still carrying out feasibility studies in Migori and Homabay Counties to establish potential areas that can grow and sustain palm farming”, said Mwangi.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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