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Ministry of Education Validates Strategic Plan

In order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery, the Ministry of Education has aligned its strategies, activities and budget with the national government. 


Education Cabinet Secretary (CS), Ezekiel Machogu, speaking during the presentation on Draft National Education Sector Strategic Plan (NESSP) 2023-2027, at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, observed that the stakeholder comments, will be considered and included before the final document is published and disseminated during the launch, tentatively slated at end of February 2024.  


“The draft is as a result of three working workshops, held prior to today’s validation, which was all inclusive, to reflect the wishes of the strategic partners and stakeholders,” said the Minister.


The CS who is the vision carrier of the Ministry, guided through a chapter to chapter review of the document, capturing and incorporating missing links, to comprehensively consider the change from 8-4-4 to CBC system and how to mitigate challenges in the increased numbers to attain 100 per cent transition. 


The Principal Secretary (PS), State Department for Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang said the Strategic Plan, equally doubles as an investment document and not to be another shelving document, in the performance process.


“This is a very critical time for all of us, given the educational reforms that are going on and, therefore, mapping ourselves properly into this reforms, will enable us to look forward to what we want to do in the next five years,” the PS said 


Kipsang expressed confidence in the NESSP, saying it was quite inclusive, since it brought together strategic partners and development partners, who contributed to the document on the way forward. 


The PS affirmed that the document will culminate to an investment document, such that when going into engagement as an investment document, then it’ll be easier to move forward. 


He challenged the stakeholders to think of how to achieve the objectives and key targets with view of a joint sector review, reflections and move forward, based on knowledge from previous strategic plans. 


“I’ll be requesting my colleagues in ICT, to automate the process to see achievements of the key targets given in a process,” said the PS

Higher Education and Research Principal Secretary (PS) Dr. Beatrice Inyangala termed presentation of the final draft, as the foremost blueprint for the next five years, envisioning an increase in access and participation in University Education. 


She emphasized the Departments effort in enhancing mainstreaming of open distance learning in university education, after the government established the National Open University, which has so far admitted 1,500 students for those excluded from conventional institutions, due to rigid conditions, including locations and social economic backgrounds. 


The PS recognized the role that partners and stakeholders continue to play in ensuring that the Ministry attains as a whole.


She acknowledged the need to embrace strategic partnership and collaborations in key emerging areas such as the digital technology and research, where others have made more strategic leaps and lie ahead to achieve goals and make a great contribution to the economic transformation of the country. 


By Joseph Kamolo Mutua

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