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Ministry of Health to Enhance campaign on cancer screening

The government is launching a campaign targeting schools to increase the number of girls aged 9–14 who receive the Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) vaccination.

Public health Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni has said HPV vaccination for the girls is aimed at preventing cervical cancer at a time when the country is registering an alarming 42, 000 cases of cancer every year.

However, the PS said HPV vaccine gives immunity to the girls and protects them from getting cervical cancer when they grow up.

Speaking during a free cancer screening medical camp at Raimu Primary School in Kianyaga Town, Gichugu Sub County, Muthoni said the country was registering 27, 000 cancer deaths every year, thus the need to intensify the prevention measures.

“I would like to urge people below the age of 40 to get screened, since they are at the production stage, and the earlier they get screened, the better we are able to manage any traces of cancer,” she said.

Kirinyaga residents during the medical camp at Raimu primary school in Gichugu sub county. By David Wandeto

The PS said that the ministry has taken the global strategy approach of 70:90:70, where 70% of the girls aged 9 to 14 years are vaccinated, 90% of women are screened for cancer for early detection and 70% of the identified cases are treated.

She also expressed support for the new Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), stating that it will offer cures for most ailments.

“When we start using SHIF, you will get treatment from both private and public hospitals. We also have a primary care fund that will cater to community clinics and primary care providers in the county,” she added.

The PS urged members of the public to register for the new health scheme when it’s finally rolled out, while dismissing those who have gone to court to block full implementation of the proposed health laws.

Speaking at the same function, area deputy governor David Githanda reported that 2500 cancer cases of cancer were registered in the county over the past two years.

He disclosed that a high number of men were diagnosed with cancer compared to women, where most of the cases reported included prostate, esophagus, breast and cervical cancers.

Githanda urged members of the public to go for early screenings so as to ensure timely treatment.

By David Wandeto 


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