Start mental health programmes, Ministry of Sports urged

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The Ministry of Sports and Culture has been called upon to start a programme of counselling and psychology to ensure sports men and women are given advice on investment and stress management.

Nandi Senator, Samson Cherargei, said mental illness and depression is real and can lead to suicide and murder, adding that playing sports does not make athletes immune to mental health challenges.

Speaking during first edition of Heroes’ Volleyball Tournament at Koitalel University grounds in Chesumei Sub-County, Cherargei said with pressure to perform in the game as well as in the rest of their public lives, mental illness is inevitable.

“Most of these stress are brought about by poor wealth management, injury, underperforming in sporting activities and relationships,” he noted.

The event was also meant to honour and recognise sports men and women who have made the vast Rift Valley region proud, especially in Nandi County, which has been the bed rock of volleyball talent.

Cherargei further called upon the Ministry of Sports to ensure that volleyball coaches are hired on contract basis. The move will enable coaches to identify and nurture talents among youths.

“We should not always wait for international sports so that our coaches are given opportunities, they need to be always on course to ensure we increase talents and have a good strong team,” Cherargei said.

The Nandi Senator urged residents and players to get vaccinated, so as to ensure that sporting activities continues in the region.

Malkia striker’s Head Coach, Paul Bittok, said the aim of the tournament was to nurture junior and youth’s talents, as they are feeders to the national teams in the near future.

By Kipruto Brian

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