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Ministry Sets Internet Connectivity Sites in Busia

The Ministry of ICT, Innovations and Youth Affairs through ICT Authority has earmarked seven sites for the planned internet connectivity in Busia County.

Speaking during a courtesy call at Busia County Commissioner’s office on Wednesday, the County Connectivity Project Manager Mark Mureithi said that the exercise would take three to four weeks.

“We are here to pay a courtesy call and prepare the County for the exercise that will begin next week,” he said.

Mureithi stated that the seven sites to be connected included County Commissioner’s premises, Busia Police Station, Busia County Referral Hospital, Korinda Prison, National Treasury, Probation and Children’s Department offices.

“Our request was to have a place where we can store our equipment as they come,” he said urging the respective stakeholders to cooperate so that the project could be accomplished within the stipulated time.

He expressed concern at the habit of a section of residents especially within the North Eastern region to vandalize the fibres.

“Those local residents think that fibre is something very valuable and they destroy them only to find out that it is something that cannot help them,” he said adding that there was need to sensitize citizens on the importance of the fibres.

Busia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri appreciated the Ministry of ICT for the good work adding that the initiative would help enhance service delivery to the local residents.

Kanyiri requested locals not to vandalize critical infrastructure like fibre optic laid by the Ministry adding that it cost tax payers money.

“Once vandalized, it becomes expensive because the fibres are not manufactured locally but are imported hence leading to loss of foreign exchange,” he said adding that once vandalized, they were of little use.

He at the same time stated that those dealing in road construction should understand where the cables were so that they avoid damaging them during construction.

“It is much easier to consult at the initial stage of and agree on removal of such cables and others like power lines so that we do not disrupt services and later incur costs,” he said.

The Commissioner warned that those found vandalizing equipment risked being arrested and taken to court arguing that stiff penalties should be put in place to deter perpetrators of vandalism.

Busia County Referral Hospital Administrator Benjamin Owuor said that the initiative would greatly help the facility improve its service delivery.

“With this initiative, we are going to save a lot on air time, money used to send NHIF claims and students on training will easily be able to interact with the outside world,” he said adding that the facility relied on internet for treatment and other areas.

By Salome Alwanda



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