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Mlolongo Chiefs to Intensify Crackdown on Illicit Brew

Mlolongo Assistant County Commissioner, Dennis Ongaga, has ordered local administrators to conduct at least two weekly raids at illicit liquor dens and joints to deter brewers from engaging in the trade.

He told Chiefs to be keen on those brewing and selling chang’aa which was largely consumed in Mlolongo, saying the trend was worrying, adding that offenders must face the full force of law.

Speaking to KNA at his office in Mlolongo, yesterday, he expressed fears over an upsurge of cases of drug and substance abuse in Mlolongo, especially among the youth.

“There is increased use of illicit brew in the area, especially chang’aa, a clear indication that they were finding it easy to transport the brew in the region and that’s why we have cut their supply chain by waylaying the transporters and traders,” said Ongega.

He said preliminary investigations revealed that the illicit brew sold in local dens was brewed, processed and transported from Mukuru kwa Njenga and Kwa Reuben slums in Nairobi before they find their way into the area.

The Administrator said the use of bhang among the youth was on the rise but said security agencies had already mapped the notorious hotspots with a view to apprehend the suspects.

Ongaga decried that the trend was affecting the education of children in the area as some students were lured into partaking of drugs and alcohol at the expense of their studies.

“There are cases of students who don’t go to school, they leave their home in the morning in uniforms, head to the drinking dens and video shops, so they end up not going to their respective learning institutions,” he regretted.

He said most students after drinking chang’aa and smoking bhang, they disappear to the video shop outlets and end up wasting the whole day taking all types of drugs. As young as 10 years old were also found in those dens at Mlolongo.

Ongaga has warned all video outlets not to entertain under age or risk being locked down if they are found admitting students.

“There is no negotiation with those who compromise with the life and education of a child,” he warned.

Ongaga said Chiefs and their Assistants should enforce the Covid-19 containment regulations such as the rule of “No mask, no service” Policy to avoid infections in Mlolongo and across the Country.

“Everybody including hawkers, matatu operators, provincial administrators, Boda boda operators among others should not offer services to clients who fail to wear masks at all times and also ensure there is water and soap or sanitizer to clean their hands as directed by Covid containment guidelines,” Ongaga said.

By Ann Kangero

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