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Mogotio security operation uproots bhang plantation

Security team in Mogotio Sub County on Wednesday morning invaded a farm inside a forest where they managed to uproot a plantation of bhang belonging to a farmer in Molo Sirwe location.

The operation was led by Deputy County Commissioner Albert Maringa following a tip off from a member of the public and the team was shocked to find flourishing bhang plants ready for harvesting deep inside the bush.

Mr Maringa said he suspects the owner harvested a sizeable quantity of the mature bhang adding he managed to slip away before their arrival on the scene.

“When informed of the bhang plantation inside a place in Molo Sirwe location, we rushed to the scene and actually we found the bhang plants already in maturing stage. The quantity was not as large as we had been informed. It seems the weed farmer had harvested before our arrival. We really thank the member of public for informing us of the vice,” he said.

The DCC warned unscrupulous individuals  using bushes and government forests to cultivate illegal crops that stern action will be taken against them if found.

He instructed chiefs and their assistants to remain vigilant and be in touch on what is going in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Mr Maringa asked members of public in the area to be on the watch and report illegal activities taking place in their locations and those behind such vices.

“Growing of contraband crops and illicit brew businesses will not be tolerated at all in the Sub County and Iam advising people to engage in legal and viable alternative sources of livelihoods since bhang and illicit drinks frustrate development pursuits of any area,” he stressed.

He reiterated that the government, will not allow such vices to get entrenched in the region and administrators found to turn a blind eye on such activities will be dealt with as per the law.

By Joshua Kibet

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