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Mombasa Catholic Bishop drums up support for the BBI Report

The  Mombasa Catholic Diocese, Archbishop Martin Kivuva has called on Kenyans to support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, saying it contains wonderful recommendations.

Archbishop Kivuva said Kenyans should read and take a stand on the BBI report, saying it contains some important recommendations that means well for the country.

He said the BBI Report contains views of wananchi on how to reform political, governance and electoral systems.

Speaking on Sunday when he graced a cultural event organized by Kiembeni Catholic Parish, Kivuva said the BBI will steer the country on the path to reconciliation and lasting peace and unity.

The church organized the cultural festival to celebrate and preserve the diverse cultural background of the worshippers.

“For example the BBI contains recommendations on how to strengthen devolution which will in turn help achieve development across the country,” he said.

The Cleric said the initiative will strengthen devolution through more resources allocation to the devolved units.

“More resources would be dispatched to the counties for the devolved units to realize meaningful development and offer quality services at the grassroots. Devolution continues to transform the country hence the need to nurture and protect it,” he noted.

Archbishop  Kivuva  said the devolved functions of the counties may not benefit Kenyans in the long run if there is no significant increase in funding and said the initiative will end chaos and divisions that characterize the country during election periods.

He  said the BBI report seeks to cure the winner takes it all culture after a presidential election, saying the system has been the root cause of Kenya’s electoral problems.

“The initiative also seeks to fight endemic corruption which is at the heart of the problems facing the country,” he said, stressing that corruption remains a big challenge in the country and more so at the devolved units.

By  Hussein Abdullahi

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