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Mombasa County Assembly closed due to Covid-19

Mombasa County Assembly has suspended sittings for two weeks after three members tested positive for Covid-19.
The Assembly Deputy Speaker Fadhili Makarani said the three members and one staff were confirmed positive following testing of all MCAs and staff last week.
Makarani announced that all Members of the County Assembly and other staff were expected to undergo self-isolation for the two-week period during which the House would also be fumigated.
He said the Assembly Speaker Aharub Ebrahim will make the formal announcement for  suspension of the sittings.
Last week, Mombasa County Government sounded an alarm over resurgence of Covid-19 positive cases in the coastal city.
The Health Department also expressed concern over the disregarding of Covid-19 protocols by  residents saying this has contributed to the current increase of coronavirus infections in the county.
County Executive Committee Member Hazel Koitaba has appealed to the local leadership to spearhead a campaign to sensitize the residents on the importance of complying with health protocols to avoid a previous situation where the county was an epicenter of Covid-19 cases in the country.
Koitaba said this in a letter addressed to the area County Commissioner, Members of Parliament and Members of the County Assembly to seek their support in combating spread of the deadly disease.
“As part of the County government’s response plan to the pandemic and respecting the need to protect the health of our people, we are reaching out to all our partners and  seek your support,” said Koitaba.
“Mvita sub-county is now the epicenter of the pandemic and contributes close to fifty percent of the confirmed cases,” said Koitaba.
The Health Executive said the County has so far recorded over 3,000 positive cases and that 85 residents have lost their lives to the pandemic.
This number has  increased following recent cases reported in the county with health facilities being over stretched with Covid-19 patients.
Meanwhile, law enforcement officers from both the National and County governments have launched operations to enforce Covid-19 health guidelines.
This was said by the County Chief Health Officer Pauline Oginga who blamed area residents for disregarding  health protocols to contain the spread of the disease.
She said “majority of residents including those using the Likoni crossing channel are no longer wearing face masks and also not observing social distancing.”

By Mohamed Hassan

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