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Mombasa County forms a revenue enhancement unit to eliminate fraud

The County Government of Mombasa has deployed a team of 40 officers in business places to enhance revenue collection.

The move follows Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir’s formation of the County Revenue Service, to collect revenue and avoid frauds that extort members of the public in the name of revenue collection.

Nassir said that the team will be easily identifiable as they will wear branded T-shirts, reflector jackets and a back-hold badge that can be scanned for identity purposes.

“We will be redeploying those who were initially in charge of collecting revenue in markets and parking lots as they have done an excellent job. These changes are just to eliminate frauds and make sure the process is transparent,” he said, adding there has been witnessed a 70 percent increase in revenue collection in the County.

He also ordered for the operation of the Kongowea market on a 24-hour basis, adding that they will increase the number of inspectorate officers to man traffic and boost security at the market.

“Commencing Monday next week the market will operate for 24 hours in a bid to enhance 24-hour economy in Mombasa, we will set up Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system to improve the safety of people’s goods while doing business,” he said.

The Governor also said that he will install street lighting at the market and liaise with the Police Department to help in providing security.

At the same time, Nassir said that plans are underway for his office to write to the County Public Service Board and request for human resource audit.

He noted that the Human Resource audit will touch on placement, promotions and a possibility of reshuffling some of the employees in the County.

The Governor said that all the building permits will be approved within stipulated time as per the law.

The County Government will do a proper sensitization in an open forum to enlighten the public.

“Approvals will be done with minimal human contact. On the same note, we have agreed with private developers that we will be doing building audits so that constructions are done in accordance with the law, issues like sewer system and parking will be put in consideration,” said Nassir.


By Chari Suche and Benda Webbo

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