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Mombasa development projects on-course

A budget of Sh 2 billion has been set aside to compensate more than 300 residents to pave way for the completion of the Dongo Kundu Southern bypass in Mombasa and Kwale Counties.
Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) Deputy Director Engineer Samuel Ogege in charge of the projects said the funds will address part of the major hurdles that have affected the project’s implementation.
Once completed, the important four-lane dual carriage road infrastructure will connect the coastal counties to the Nairobi highway giving road users an alternative to avoid the Ferry.
Engineer Ogege said phase one of the project is 100 per cent complete while the second and third phases are at 15 per cent and 70 per cent work progress.
He observed that phase two has substantial works in the sea and others being done concurrently including the restressed concrete being done off-site which will be brought and launched on the completed structures across the sea.
“Most of the materials for package two especially those going deep into the sea have arrived in the country from Japan and China and we have started the piling which is the critical part,” said Engineer Ogege.

Kenya National Highways Authority Deputy Director Engineer Samuel Ogege during an  inspection tour of the Mombasa port development project in Dongo Kundu.

He said the team anticipates the next stage will be fairly fast to regain  lost time once they are done with the compensation, piling and concrete works being done off-site which will be carried with cranes and then launched on the complete structures.
He added that phase two preparations for long bridge gutters have begun to cast with piling pipes which were imported.
Package one costs amounted to Sh 9 billion package two will cost Sh22 billion and package three Sh 4 billion and the soon to begin Mombasa Gateway Bridge at a cost of sh60 million.
“The compensation is ongoing between the KeNHA and National Land Commission (NLC) which follows proper identification of the rightful owners to avoid paying the wrong ones,” said the Engineer.
Mombasa port area development project where the Northern Corridor Road joins with the Southern Coast avoiding the Likoni Ferry.
The project is in three packages where the first phase package is complete from Miritini to Kipevu with a link coming into Mwache where package two starts ending after three bridges in the Mwache and Tsunza creeks.
The bridges on package two phase is 1.4 kms long the other is 6.6 kms long and the third is 6.9 Kms long which starts at Mteza linking with the Likoni Ukunda Lunga Lunga road.
The four-lane dual carriage way from Miritini to Kibundani will connect the north and the south coast as well the Mombasa special economic zones commonly known as Dongo Kundu economic zones.
Package three started in March last year and is 70 percent complete which is anticipated to be complete by March 2021.
All the earthworks are finished and the critical works that would be slowed down by rains and all the structures are finished with a connection to the special economic zones.
The highway will also be joined by the access to the upcoming Mombasa Gateway Bridge in Likoni.
The Sh36 billion Mombasa port development projects is built in partnership between the Kenyan government and that of Japan on a 20 per cent to 80 per cent ratio respectively.

By Joseph Kamolo


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