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Mombasa Residents to avoid complacency on Covid-19 protocols

Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo on Monday urged area residents to continue observing Ministry of Health guidelines on Convid-19 pandemic despite reduction of positive cases.

Kitiyo underscored the importance of regular washing of hands with soap or use of sanitisers, wearing of masks in public places and other protocols outlined by the Ministry of Health.

“The decline of positive cases should not make us complacent and drop our guard. We must continue to follow health advice to contain the disease,’’ said Kitiyo during a radio talk show at a local FM station.

Mombasa city which was previously the epicentre of coronavirus infections has lately witnessed a significant reduction of positive cases which has been attributed to the adherence of Covid-19 protocols by the residents.

“The cooperation of the citizens and taking personal responsibility is crucial to our efforts to fight this disease,’’ said Kitiyo who is also the Co-Chair of Mombasa County Emergency Response Committee on Covid-19.

At the same time, Kitiyo said the National Hygiene Program (NHP) popularly dubbed ‘Kazi Mtaani’ has given a facelift to informal settlements in the coastal city which previously overflowed with filth.

The County Commissioner said the program besides providing employment to the youth, has also promoted health standards and protocols to limit the risk of the infection of the deadly Covid-19 in slum areas.

He noted that thousands of youth have been enlisted to carry out activities such as street cleaning, fumigation and disinfection, garbage collection, bush clearing and de-silting of choked gutters and unblocking of sewages among others.

The administrator said the programme has also largely contributed to the decline of criminal activities in the county.

Kitiyo advised the youth who benefitted from the national government environmental campaign to use their money wisely and avoid profligate spending.

By Mohamed Hassan


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