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Mombasa residents urged to take up TVET Short Courses

Students and practising professionals in Mombasa have been challenged to take short courses offered by Technical and Vocational Training institutions (TVET) to equip themselves with practical knowledge that is up to date with evolving labour market demands.

Speaking during the launch of New Dimensions College in Mombasa, Head of Corporate Affairs at Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Bernard Osero said it was apt that institutions offer tailor-made short courses that give the much-needed practicality that is in tune with the dynamic working environments.

Osero said that in the context of the Coast region, institutions of higher learning should give prominence to courses that mirror the economic drivers of the region like; logistics, clearing and forwarding, shipping, tourism and hospitality as they make up the big chunk of employment absorption in the region which accounts to almost 70 per cent.

“Learning Institutions should now take up a new frontier and focus on short courses offered to specifically equip practical know-how on a range of subjects that will augment the conventional theoretical knowledge acquired in college and at work level,” said Osero.

He added that for instance, many newly employed professionals at KPA revert to undertaking short courses for the jobs they secure to get a practical understanding of their work. A concise indication of the importance of these courses that are overlooked most of the time.

New Dimensions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anne Mburu echoed Osero’s sentiments by insisting on the need to prioritize hands-on tutoring and practical knowledge to match competitive market demands.

She said that mainstream tertiary education offers the foundational knowledge that forms the basis of professionalism but it should be complemented with practical courses which are offered mostly by TVET institutions.

She added that the Coast region is a hospitality and tourism-driven economy which in turn institutions should tailor courses offering practical skill impact-based short-courses.

Mburu also urged the leadership and County government to step in and support local youth willing to take up these practical-based courses with the much-needed bursaries.

“We urge the government to come in handy and give especially the young people bursaries and opportunity to grasp the much needed practical knowledge to irk a living,” said Mburu.

By Andrew Hinga


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