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Mosiro residents in Kajiado County get allotment letters

Residents of Mosiro, Kajiado County can now breathe a sigh of relief after the County government issued them with allotment letters for their parcels of land.

Over 1000 allotment letters were issued to plot owners at Oldorko town in Mosiro, Kajiado West, after 20 years of waiting for the documents.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku issues allotment letters to Mosiro residents on July 13, 2021. Photo by Rop Janet

Public institutions such as primary and secondary schools, dispensaries and churches were also issued with the documents to guard them against land grabbing.

The allotment letters have extra security features aimed at protecting genuine land owners from fraudsters and curbing rampant land fraud cases.

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku, while issuing the allotment letters, noted that the documents were a proof of ownership and locals were now free to develop their land.

Lenku said the exercise had marked a new beginning in securing land rights of the marginalized communities in rural areas that had lacked the means to utilize prime land in the towns for economic empowerment.

“Most of these prime lands were lying idle as no one would develop them. Now the owners can venture into commercial activities,” he said.

Lenku added that allotment letters could be used as collateral to secure loans from local banks and other lending institutions.

He urged the plot owners to desist from disposing them now that they are more marketable and instead use them to empower themselves economically.

The Governor reaffirmed his commitment in protecting and defending public and private land from unscrupulous brokers and corrupt land officials adding that they had recovered many acres of public land that had been grabbed by private developers.

By Rop Janet

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