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Mother requesting well wishers to help school quadruplets

As schools prepare to resume the normal calendar year later this month, a mother of quadruplets in Kisii county is appealing for support from well-wishers to enroll them in grade one.

Speaking to KNA at Mwembe estate on the outskirts of Kisii town, Beatrice Omoke expressed her gratitude to the Director of King David Liberty School who has supported her children through the early stages of their education.

“The school has helped me a lot, but now, I have to stand on my own and pay their fees as they proceed to primary school. I do not have the means to pay for them and I am urging whoever can help me to do so,” said Omoke.

The quadruplets Liz Monyenye, Lizilay Begi, Lenisar  Nyarangi, and Linzay Bosibori first came to the limelight when they were born on the 3rd of March 2017 at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Omoke noted that even as the children graduated last year from PP2, they still owed the school Sh30,000 in fees arrears and urged members of goodwill to come to their rescue and clear the fees.

The mother of five, the quadruplets and another 10-year-old girl, added that she has been sickly most of the time and cannot fend for the family.

In addition, she pointed out that her husband’s minimal income from odd jobs can only cater for food and clothing for the children as well as her medical bills whenever she is admitted to a health facility.

“I am requesting for assistance so that I can secure admission at a public school because King David Liberty School is a private school and the owner has tried his best to accommodate us for two years,” Omoke said.

She added that getting admission to the nearest public school will enable the children to access the school with ease and the cost of required items like uniforms and books will be subsidized.

King David Liberty School Director, Sibia Kerubo said they received the four children after the mother visited the school and requested them to assist in enrolling the children in PP1 as raising fees for them was a huge burden for the family.

Kerubo pointed out that despite agreeing to let two children learn free of charge and the parents to cater for the fees of the remaining two, they have really struggled to do so owing to the mother’s illness.

The Director said the school decided to let the children continue with learning in the school in the last academic year with the hope that God will uplift the family in the future.

“Sometimes, we visit the children at home because feeding them has been a problem, especially when the mum is sick. The father’s income is minimal and cannot be able to sustain the children’s needs,” she said.

  1. Kerubo called on well-wishers who would like to support the kids as they transition to Grade One to come out and support them because children are a gift from God.

She said they cannot continue supporting the quadruplets because the school has several children they educate free of charge. She can be reached on her M-Pesa number 0111266276.

By Mercy Osongo



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