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Motorists decry lack of petrol fuel in Nyamira town

Motorists in Nyamira town and neighbouring market centres have decried lack of petrol fuel which has greatly hindered their economic returns in their transport industry.


Speaking with KNA during an interview Thursday, Amos Andama, a bodaboda rider at Kebirigo town was told by a colleague that there was fuel in Nyamira town and he drove all the way only to find a long queue and the fuel got finished before he could be served.

A queue of motorists drawing petrol fuel at National Oil in Nyamira town which got finished before all customers could be served.
Photographs by: Deborah Bochere

“A colleague tipped me that there was petrol at Smart petrol station in Nyamira town and I drove all the way intending to fully fill my motorcycle’s fuel tank so that I can be sustained in business for at least four days but I queued in vain because the pump attendant said the fuel was finished before I could be served, I’m so frustrated because I have fruitlessly wasted my fuel and time from Kebirigo,” Andama complained.


A taxi driver, Reuben Onami, said he had been contracted by a client to take his family to a funeral on Friday and thought it wise to draw fuel early at National Oil petrol Station and unfortunately he was told petrol fuel is not available only to get from a broker who was selling a litre at Ksh. 150.


Bodaboda riders are now under the mercies of willing motorists plying Nyamira- Kisii/Kericho/Bomet/Sondu routes to buy petrol for them and still pay them fare just to remain in business to continue serving their customers with a hope that the situation will normalize soon now that restriction of movement order has been lifted.


By Deborah Bochere

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