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MoU with Spanish government on improvement of health services

Murang’a  County is in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding with Spanish Government with aim of improving provision of health services.

Governor  Mwangi wa Iria has said the Spanish government for the last two years has been sending doctors to offer surgical operations to patients with tumors in a Murang’a hospital.

He noted that the relationship which has been going on between the county government and that of Spain need to be cemented through an MoU.

Speaking during free medical camp at Maragua Level 4 Hospital on Wednesday, the government explained that through the MoU, doctors from the country will get advanced training at Spanish universities.

Wa Iria hoped that the good relationship between the county and Spanish government already has seen local medical practitioners get more practical training from the visiting doctors who offer free surgical services to thousands of patients.

“The county government of Murang’a is working to have a MoU with Spanish government which will ensure our doctors get advanced trainings and also see a continuous offering of free medical services to our local people from Spanish doctors,” he added.

The current medical camp which is being done by more than 37 doctors from Spain in collaboration with medical practitioners from Murang’a County has seen hundreds of patients from across the country camp at Maragua hospital to get surgical services.

By the end of the year, Wa Iria said a team of doctors from Murang’a will be sent to Spain to get advanced training, saying upon their return to the country, provision of services within county hospitals will be improved.

He  asked people which tumors and who need surgical services to register at Maragua Hospital so as to get needed treatment within two weeks the Spanish doctors will be in the country.

The County Deputy Director of Medical Services, Dr. Stephen Ngige said there is upsurge of non-communicable diseases which need surgical services.

Development of tumors some caused by cancer, Ngige noted has seen increase of patients who require specialized operations saying the visiting doctors have greatly assisted patients who cannot afford the services at private hospitals.

The hospital, Ngige added, has two theatre centres saying since commencement of the camp early this week, more 100 patients have been operated.

The medic asked local residents to go for cancer screening, noting that early diagnosis of the disease can help in effective treatment of the disease.

“We have established Tiba mashinani programme where we have been visiting rural areas to do diagnosis on cancer as well as educate locals how to avoid contracting the disease. Prevention of cancer is very crucial and residents can change their lifestyles to avoid the disease,” added Ngige.

By  Bernard Munyao

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