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MP accuses authorities of dithering on disco ban

Matuga MP Kasim Sawa Tandaza has faulted the authorities in Kwale County for failing to impose a total ban on night discos in the region.
Tandaza claimed that the night dances were still going on during weddings and added the authorities’ reluctance to completely ban them was abetting teenage pregnancies.
“We have held several meetings pertaining to this matter and we agreed on a complete ban and it is therefore surprising this has not been done,” Mr. Tandaza said.
He said the discos promote teenage pregnancies and early marriages among other social vices and should be outlawed.
The legislator asked national government administration officials and the police to ensure the ban is fully enforced.
At the same time, he supported calls to castrate men found guilty of sexually violating children or women saying deterrent punishment was necessary to discourage the vice.
Mr. Tandaza was speaking at Baraza Park in Kwale town during a Culture and Talent Anniversary organized by Tandaza Foundation.
He urged everyone to be part of the campaign to have zero teenage pregnancies by supporting measures aimed at curbing the vice.
He dismissed claims that parents failed in their role of moulding their children saying parenting in the modern world is one of the most challenging tasks.
The MP however advised parents to prioritize education of their children saying it is the only legacy they can bequeath them.
By Shaban Omar/James Muchai

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