MP Calls for Review Of NG-CDF Allocation Formula

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Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji has called for a review of the National Government-Constituency Development Funds (NG-CDF) revenue sharing formula.

The MP said the current formula of allocating all constituencies an equal amount of funds was discriminatory by not putting into consideration other factors such as population.

He said it was unfair for constituencies with higher populations receiving the same allocation with sparsely populated ones.

Speaking while issuing education bursary cheques amounting to Sh36.3 million to day and boarding secondary school students in the area, Mukunji said it was the population size of an area that should determine allocations.

“We want the one man, one-shilling formula to be applied in CDF allocations to ensure all the beneficiaries of education bursaries feel accommodated and treated fairly,” he said, adding that he was in the process of formulating a bill to that effect.

He said it was unfair for a constituency like his with over 15, 000 students getting the same amount of funds with another that has a total of 1, 000 learners.

“I am struggling to have each student get at least Sh. 3, 000 whereas in another constituency all students are able to have their four-year education fees settled or even some being sponsored to study abroad,” the MP complained.

He urged colleague legislators to join the push for an equitable sharing of government resources to bring all Kenyans at par.

The area bursary scheme dubbed “Masomo Bila Stress Programme” saw beneficiaries receive between Sh. 3, 500 and 6, 000 depending on the level of vulnerability.

By Samuel Waititu

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