MP Manduku denounces Azimio protests

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Nyaribari Masaba Member of Parliament (MP), Dr. Daniel Manduku, has denounced the Azimio-led protests scheduled for Wednesday until Friday this week over the high cost of living, saying the demos are derailing the efforts by the President to improve the country’s economy.

Speaking at Nyankononi Secondary School in the same constituency, the ODM-allied legislator said the country was experiencing various economic hurdles due to excessive borrowing done by the previous regime.

“Those calling for the protests should understand the factors that lead to the high cost of living, including the historical problem of overborrowing. The money borrowed by the previous administration should have improved people’s lives, but it did not do so, Dr. Manduku said.

Dr. Manduku underscored the need for the concerned parties to dialogue on whether it was the right time to push the government over the rising cost of living.

He added that there are no scheduled protests in his constituency and vowed to continue working for his residents during the three days of the anti-government protests.

The MP was visiting several schools in the region to identify those that will benefit from infrastructural upgrades under the National Government Constituency Development Fund kitty.

By Mercy Osongo

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