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MP seeks help from neighbors as hunger pangs bite

Kieni Member of Parliament Njoroge Wainaina has appealed to neighbouring constituencies to come forward and donate food to the hunger stricken residents in both Kieni East and West constituencies.

Wainaina said the area was facing difficult times due to the prolonged drought, noting that Kieni has not had rains for almost five seasons.

The legislature said the residents are in dire need of food as they can hardly afford one meal a day and Livestock have been wiped, and most rivers have started to dry.

Speaking in Narumoro town on Sunday, the MP said this week Thursday he will conduct a food drive in Kieni that will assist the affected residents to feed and live like any other people in the county. “I intend to raise 500 tonnes of food and have the same donated to our people,” added Wainaina.

“We have sent a very passionate appeal to our brothers in other neighbouring Othaya, Tetu, Mukurweini, Nyeri town  constituencies to come and join us on this day,” said Wainaina.

Last week in an interview on Inooro TV station Wainaina said “in 1984, leaders in Nyeri under the leadership of the then vice President Mwai Kibaki stood with people in Kieni constituency when there was hunger. Kibaki mobilized for food across the county to save people from starvation. On this breadth, I am urging Nyeri people to come to our aid now that we are starving,” said Wainaina.

The ongoing hunger has affected many people in the county due to lack of rains and Kieni being a very expansive semi-arid constituency is adversely affected.

By Beth Ndirangu


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