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MTRH Surgeons successfully remove seven needles from child, 3 Years old

Prof. Robert Tenge, the lead surgeon addressing the press at MTRH

Seven sewing needles lodged in the abdomen of a three year old child from West Pokot County have successfully been removed by doctors at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret.
MTRH Chief Executive Dr Wilson Aruasa confirmed to the press that the child was doing well and in stable condition.
Dr. Aruasa said surgeons at the hospital successfully removed the needles following thorough preparations since last Tuesday.
We have put the child on antibiotics and other painkillers and she is responding very well,” confirmed Dr. Aruasa while addressing the press at MTRH Saturday.
He assured the public that the operation had been a success and that the child is now in stable condition, but added that they shall only discharge her when they are sure that her safety was guaranteed.
The operation, according to the CEO was conducted by a team of four neurosurgeons, with Prof Robert Tenge and Philippe Kuradusenge being the lead Pediatric surgeons supported by two nurses and a team of four anesthetic professionals. Six of the needles were lodged in the liver and one in the intestine, according to Dr. Aruasa.
The surgeons said the operation was a very delicate one because the needles could have caused serious damage if the removal was not carefully done.
John Pkemboi Ling’aa and Emily Ling’aa, the Childs grandparents expressed deep appreciation to the hospital and the team of doctors who undertook the operation saying the child had suffered great pain for over one year.
“The operation to remove the needles has been a great relief to us and the child too. We shall not allow our daughter to take the child back to her new husband’s home,” they vowed.
Dr. Aruasa urged members of the public to report any form of child abuse to relevant authorities for early intervention.
The grandparents laid blame on the family where their daughter got married when she already had the baby.
By Kiptanui Cherono

Seven needles removed from 3 year old child from West Pokot, the successful surgery was conducted by doctors at MTRH Eldoret.

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