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Mudavadi calls for proper management of shared resources

Prime Cabinet Secretary (PCS) Musalia Mudavadi has called for the proper management of shared resources in a bid to enhance human activity and promote Kenya’s development.

Officiating the first 19th International Association for the Study of Commons (IASC) biennial conference in Africa Monday at the University of Nairobi, Mudavadi said that proper management of shared resources, spaces, and systems would help to open opportunities and grow economies.

“In Kenya, principles like fairness, equity, and sustainability are embedded not only in our constitution but also guide the development planning, and the management of shared resources should be emulated,” voiced Mudavadi.

He affirmed that structured-inclusive conversations will guide all deliberations and ensure commonality in understanding the need to balance and share resources.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary emphasised that Kenya looks forward to realising the world of commons through international and local collective effort, noting that uplifting the livelihoods of those at the end of the economic ladder is one of the major issues on the bottom-up economic transformative agenda.

“We can create a just, resilient, and prosperous future for all by harnessing the power of collaboration,” said Mudavadi.

The PCS urged all sector players, locally and globally, to incorporate the concept of commons, as this would aspire to and route beliefs amongst ourselves, citing that development not shared by the majority is underdevelopment.

He added that the government is working on embracing stewardship by cooperating with the world’s population by organising such conferences, which would in turn impact transformative mindsets by transcending artificial fixations within geographical, political, cultural, gender, and economic boundaries.

“At the heart of the commons, we want to acknowledge that our natural resources are finite and must be managed wisely. Sustainable land and water management is crucial for the preservation of our biodiversity and the mitigation of climate change impacts by adopting innovative conservation practices, promoting responsible land users, and empowering local communities to safeguard the commons for present and future generations,” said Mudavadi.

By Phinta Amondi 

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