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Muliro gardens offering relaxing atmosphere to residents

Kakamega photographers and hawkers are hugely benefitting from the renovated Muliro Gardens, a park in the heart of Kakamega town.

The park, designated as a national museum site in 2002, provides a good relaxing environment and fresh air.

Today, a fenced renovated Muliro Gardens is strictly monitored by County Askaris and has opened doors to many business opportunities.

In 2011, social media was abuzz with talks of shocking photos of couples making out at Kakamega Main Park. This led to strict monitoring with the county government clearing off perverts who had taken advantage of the ambience in the garden turning some parts of it into a love bed.

The garden is now cleaner and the paths are paved as a result of the recent refurbishment making it an excellent place to relax after doing business and running errands in Kakamega town.

Since its renovation by the county government, Muliro gardens is now beatified with flowers which enacts its beauty providing a conducive environment for businesses especially photography as the photographers revealed to KNA.

“The garden is now cool and attractive. It enables me to use my creativity in capturing moments,” said one photographer Chris Miles who adds that he earns up to Sh 1,400 daily from his trade.

The photographers have a registered group, 037 Photographers, which is responsible for photos taken in the garden and in case of an illicit photos and activities, they become answerable.

“One has to be acknowledged by the Sacco in order to take photos in the garden,” he added.

Dancun Nyongesa also known as Hotstar, added that they however restrict high school students and children who may want to pose with their girlfriends or boyfriends while taking pictures.

The photographers are requesting the County Government to install lights in the garden to enable them work extra late hours.

Apart from photography, hawkers too are benefitting from the renovation of the garden.

Since Muliro gardens offer a conducive environment for relaxing and letting off stress of a tiresome day, the hawkers get the opportunity to sell their refreshments and snacks.

Paul Nyongesa, another photographer said he gets between Sh. 500 to Sh. 1000 per day depending on the number of people who have sought his services.

The photographers said business is low during weekdays but picks up on weekends and especially on Sunday.

Nyongesa noted that many people also seek their services during holidays, birthday parties among other days when they are off duty.

“Operating at Muliro Gardens has made us get more clients as some who need photoshoot services for weddings, funerals, birthday parties and other events will always find us at the garden,” he said.

By Anne Otieno


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