Multi-agency Approach hailed for success in Projects

Counties Kisii

The multiagency synergy approach being promoted by the government has been termed as the most effective methodology in accomplishing public projects.

The incoming Nyamira South Deputy County Commissioner Julius Otieno has said whenever a development project meant to benefit citizens is being implemented, several stakeholders are normally involved, thus the need to bring everyone on board.

Addressing Sub County heads of department Tuesday, Otieno observed that several government funded development projects in the region have stalled, because crucial stakeholders were not involved in the initial planning and approval.

Accordingly, such projects have ended up attracting myriad of grievances long after commencement, leading to stalling until all pending issues are resolved.

“As heads of department, you must be cautious before approving contractors who are out to get away with shoddy work. Some of them wants to make money without following due process, by even escalating flimsy cases to courts, which automatically orders all works stopped, until the pending matter is fully resolved,” the DCC advised.

Stalled projects deny citizens the right to good service, a scenario which must be avoided at all costs, by ensuring that everyone who has a role to play for successful completion of a particular undertaking is brought on board at the very beginning, Otieno added.

He said he was ready to work with the team in Nyamira South Sub County, while supporting one another at various levels and capacities in delivering government’s mandate.

By Deborah Bochere


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