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Murang’a Assembly enacts bill to strengthen fight against alcoholism

The recently enacted Murang’a County Alcoholic Control Bill, 2022 has been termed as a major step towards the fight against excessive alcoholism in the county.

The County Assembly Speaker Nduati Kariuki has called for thorough enforcement of the law in order to rid out selling and consumption of illicit and counterfeit brews in the county.

In a press statement Tuesday, Kariuki observed that alcoholism has remained a major challenge in the development of social agenda in Murang’a.

He observed that Murang’a is among the counties that bear heaviest burden accruing from alcoholism.

The county, he pointed out, has been a major market of illicit brews which are manufactured in other areas and sold in Murang’a.

“Our county has been used to sell illicit brews. Some areas are known to be notorious in selling and consumption of the substandard alcoholic brands, thus subjecting our people to health hazards,” he stated at the assembly premises.

The speaker said the new bill will guard against the selling of illicit and counterfeit brews in Murang’a saying the law will ensure all alcoholic brands being sold in the county are listed.

“The law will bar selling of alcoholic brands which are not approved by the county liquor control board. The law also provides for transportation of alcoholic drinks to be done during day time so as to prevent distribution of illicit brews at night,” he added.

The county speaker regretted that the alcoholic bill which was enacted in 2014 did not effectively tame the challenge saying the county executive member for health should liaise with security agents and fight alcoholism in the county.

“It’s unfortunate that by mid -morning, one will find some young men and women particularly between the ages of 20-45 years by the roadsides fully intoxicated.

This has led to disintegration of the family unit, poor health conditions and social disharmony, exposure to HIV and AIDS and even deaths,” he further said.

Kariuki added that alcohol related offences in the county have been on the rise, thus creating a direct impediment to social and economic development.

“There has been an increase in theft of farm produce, for instance avocado. Farmers are decrying huge losses and it’s regrettable the stealing is perpetuated by our young people who want to get money for alcoholism,” the speaker pointed out.

The bill, he observed, will ensure only safe alcoholic drinks are sold in Murang’a and in a well-controlled manner.

“We hope the implementation of the bill will be successful and help in saving our people from imbibing brews which pose danger to their health. Those already addicted have become a burden to their families and even affect the economic growth of our county,” the speaker remarked.

By Bernard Munyao

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