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Murang’a Boy Invents Automatic Water dispenser

Residents of a Murang’a village have had a sigh of relief after a young man invented an automatic water dispenser to help in washing of hands as a way of combating the spread of Covid-19.

The inhabitants of Kairo in Mathioya Sub County are praising the innovation by local resident James Nyakera who has invented an automatic water and soap dispenser, which has been installed at the local market.

Speaking to KNA Nyakera, noted that he was pushed to come up with the machine which will help people in opening and closing of the tap as they wash their hands this time the country is faced with coronavirus pandemic.

He said after World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that the coronavirus can survive on metallic surfaces for some hours, he was challenged to come up with a machine, which will not need a human being to operate.

Nyakera explains that the machine works on a number of sensors that are able to sense once you place hands under the tap where it dispenses soap then gives you four seconds before water runs for 20 seconds then turns off automatically.

He added that the machine can be powered by alternative sources of energy other than electricity thus making it easier to use even in rural areas.

“Apart from electricity, the machine can operate with solar energy or power from a battery or generator. It can be used anywhere in the country.

He further said, “Some of the challenges associated with this innovation include shortage of finances and unavailability of some of the materials.”

In markets and outside shops among other public places, water dispensers have been installed to help people wash their hands as a way of controlling spread of coronavirus.

A local resident, Kariuki Maina said the new invention should be embraced so that people will not have to keep on opening and closing of taps as they wash their hands.

“We keep on touching taps from one shop to another as we wash our hands, if the automatic water dispensers are availed, they will help to maintain proper hygiene,” added Maina.

Another resident, Macharia Mwangi appealed to both the national and county governments to support such innovative ideas through funding and subsidising some of the equipment used to make such a machine.

By Bernard Munyao

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