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Murang’a county leaders call for unity of purpose

A section of elected leaders from Murang’a county have called for unity among leaders and underscored the need to remain united and harmoniously work together so as to effectively deliver on their election manifestos.

The move, they said, will involve putting aside their personal differences and strive for unity of purpose.

They spoke Thursday during an academic infrastructure event and prize giving at Peter Kariuki secondary school in Maragua constituency organised by the area member of parliament Mary Wamaua.

The event that saw the commissioning of a new school bus worth Sh9 million through the Maragua NG-CDF was presided over by  Lands, Public works and Urban Development Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome.

It was the first time the Maragua legislator and the CS were publicly meeting after a long-standing battle over water management in Murang’a during the latter’s tenure at Ministry of Water and irrigation.

The duo had also differed strongly on the choice of candidate during the Kandara by elections in 2022.

“We have had differences for some time but now we have decided to come together, to get united for a purpose so that we can deliver our election promises to the people that elected us,” noted Wahome

“I pledge to work with your MP to improve the lives of the community because nothing good can come out of war,” added the CS

Wahome admitted that alot of altercations had happened between them but the work that has been bestowed upon them cannot be effectively achieved with differences and fighting.

“We are here to commission the school bus, but this is just the beginning of a working relationship,”the CS stated

On her part Wamaua averred that as elected leaders respect was paramount.

“We only had differences in ideologies but now that is in the past, our main goal is to work for mwananchi who expects us to deliver what we promised during the election period,” she said

Kangema MP Peter Kihungi lauded the two leaders for their show of unity noting that the county was set to benefit from the unity.

“You are both my friends and you are friends of the public here and it was a difficult moment to witness the discord amongst you” he said

“But now we are happy that development and growth will be experienced from the unity you have fostered today, “he added

Meanwhile, Wamaua challenged the students and the teachers urging them to improve on the performance to commensurate with the infrastructural uplift they are receiving

“Work hard, let us take more students to the university,” she said

“Parents, support these children as they are tomorrow’s leaders and education is a game changer,” she added

The visit by the CS came with a bag of goodies for the constituents and the school community as she promised to implement and fast track projects within Maragua constituency

“We are going to put up affordable housing units in Makuyu and I will be involved in the process of acquiring an additional piece of land for the institution,” she stated

The school that has over 1100 students will receive an additional four classrooms, dining hall while an ultra-modern market will be constructed in Maragua.

The event was also attended by Murang’a senator Joe Nyutu, Deputy Governor Stephen Munania, nominated senator Veronica Maina, former speaker Murang’a assembly Nduati Kariuki and a host of MCA s from Wahome’s Kandara backyard and Maragua.

By Florence Kinyua

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