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Murang’a County Offers Sh. 26 million Bursary to Needy Students

The county government of Murang’a has issued bursaries amounting to Sh. 26 million to help needy students pay for second term fees.

The money will benefit about 2, 000 learners who are registered under Nyota Zetu scholarship programme which was established by the devolved   administration two years ago.

The programme ensures needy and bright students from the county get full fees for their secondary education.

Speaking when issuing the bursary cheques to parents and students at Ihura stadium in Murang’a town, Governor Mwangi wa Iria lauded the programme saying it has helped needy and poor learners to proceed with their education.

The programme, Wa Iria said, will continue saying at the beginning of every academic year, the county government will be sponsoring 1, 000 needy learners from the county.

The beneficiaries are selected from all the wards and the process of picking those to be sponsored is done by local administrators, MCAs, community leaders, teachers and members of the clergy.

The governors stated that once put under the programme, school fees for the beneficiaries is catered for and the parents or guardians are only left to cater for minor expenses.

“We will proceed with this programme and by the end of four years, the students under Nyota zetu scholarship will be more than 4, 000. The initiative has helped many parents who could not afford to take their children to National schools due to lack of needed fees,” added Wa Iria.

He continued, “we are aware that many parents were negatively affected by the impact of covid-19. Without bursaries some needy students may be unable to return to school. This programme comes in at time when parents are struggling to take their children back to school.

Majority of the students under the programme are in National High Schools with the governor saying parents could opt to take their children who performed well to day schools due to lack of enough fees.

“Our aim is to ensure needy bright students admitted in National schools are admitted in the schools they are enrolled to since once a student misses a chance, that opportunity is given to another student,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Wa Iria took a swipe at the section of local MCAs who are not supporting the programme on claims that they are yet to get their salaries.

He observed that some MCAs want their salaries to be paid before any other activity is done by the county government.

“I want to tell those who were demanding we stop this exercise until they get paid, that the money for bursaries cannot be used to pay salaries, even me am yet to get paid but poor children must go back to school,” reiterated Wa Iria.

By Bernard Munyao

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