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Murang’a County Official Reacts Over Unanswered Audit Queries

Murang’a County Executive Member for Health and Sanitation Mr Joseph Mbai has asked a Senate Committee to stop politicizing matters touching on health.

Mbai on Tuesday accused the Senate Committee on Health of not allowing a technical team from Murang’a to answer audit questions which were raised concerning utilization of Covid-19 funds.

He observed that together with other members of the technical team which handles health in Murang’a they were not allowed to respond to the queries before the committee since Governor Mwangi wa Iria was not available.

“Senators who are members of the committee denied us a chance to answer the audit query as they demanded the presence of our Governor,” Mbai told KNA in his office.

He continued, “As a technical team we have every detail on how the money which was given to fight Covid-19 was utilized but from the look of things, the Senators wanted to see the Governor.”

Mbai and other officials from Murang’a were denied a chance to answer the questions asked and were instead turned away by the Senate Committee Chair, Trans Nzoia Senator Michael Mbito.

The Auditor General had raised queries on how the money which was sent to the County to fight coronavirus was utilized without being factored in the budget and a proper procurement plan.

Other queries were on how donations from well-wishers and organizations to the county were utilized.

“We had answers to all the questions. No money was lost. The questions were on how the funds were used without being factored in the budget. No one was expecting the Country to be hit by the virus and after we received Sh 112 million, the funds were factored in the supplementary budget,” said Mbai.

He specifically pointed a finger at Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata who joined the committee and demanded to have Governor Wa Iria present when answering the questions.

“Instead of our Senator supporting us so as to get a chance to answer the questions, he came to fuel disagreement which saw us not being given a chance. Health is a very important sector which should not be politicized,” Mbai added.

Since Covid-19 hit the County, the CEC said, more resources were channeled to fight the pandemic and to cushion the residents from the negative impact of the virus.

“We have used more funds than what we received from the National government. We were forced to construct ICU which is currently assisting patients with Covid-19 related complications. So Senators who think of politicizing the health sector should stop and be genuine when seeking to get answers about utilization of the funds,” Mbai said.

He said they had scheduled another meeting on April 28 and they will ensure the Governor will be present but the raised questions will still be answered by members of the technical team.

By Bernard Munyao

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