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Murang’a County Waives Water Bills over Coronavirus

Murang’a residents have heaved a sigh of relief after the county government announced a waiver on charging domestic water consumption for a period of a month.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria in a press briefing on Wednesday noted that after consultations with water companies, the county resolved that residents will be spared paying for water for a period of a month.

The county government took up responsibility of securing chemicals needed for water purification to subsidize production costs for the water companies.

Wa Iria said the water services which have been disconnected due to unpaid bills will be restored without cost to ensure residents have water this time the country is fighting to stop the spread of Covid–19.

“We have agreed with local water companies to provide 200 litres to all residents connected with piped water on daily basis. This will ensure high level of hygiene is attained as we fight the spread of coronavirus,” added the governor.

He noted that in many markets, traders have embraced the precautionary measures by ensuring provision of water for customers coming to buy their goods.

Earlier in the day, high capacity water tanks were distributed to all major towns to ensure continuous water supply at trading centres.

The tanks, procured by the county government were distributed to water companies to be installed in major trading centres within the county.

Residents were advised to use the water which is mixed with detergents and preserved in the tanks only for washing hands and not for other purposes.

Wa Iria said water is very important component to fight spread of the diseases which is posing danger to lives of Kenyans.

He asked locals to embrace and follow directives given by the government to spare the country from being put under total lockdown.

“I appeal to people traveling for no urgent mission to cut short travelling and stay at their homes. I also ask our people to stock food in their homes so as to be ready for any stringent measures the government may opt to take aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19,” he added.

Wa Iria said all measures will be employed to discourage people from traveling unless on emergency cases.

In the meantime, the county government is issuing maize seeds to support farmers who are preparing to plant in the current rainy season.

The seeds, the governor noted will help many families have harvest food after a period of three months.

As the government has confirmed 25 cases of coronavirus in the country, in Murang’a 33 people have been forced to go for quarantine after they came into contact with people who visited the country from abroad.

The governor urged locals to be on the lookout of all people coming from overseas to ensure they go for quarantine.

By Bernard Munyao

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