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Murang’a  Fears of Losing two Constituencies Under BBI

Murang’a county may lose two constituencies for failing to meet population threshold if constitutional amendments proposed by Building Bridges Initiatives (BBI) will not sail through.

Former Kangema MP Tirus Ngahus said BBI has proposed to save the 27 constituencies which have not attained a population of between 120 and 140 people as required by the constitution.

Ngahu speaking in Murang’a town on Wednesday noted that Kangema and Mathioya constituencies have yet to attain the required population threshold thus risk to be abolished if the BBI will not sail through.

The former legislator reflected that the 27 constituencies were given a period of 10 years to increase their population failure to which they would be abolished.

He added that the BBI report is good and Murang’a residents should embrace it as it will protect the two constituencies and also allow creation of an extra constituency in Murang’a county thus bringing more resources to grassroots.

Ngahu observed that the Kiharu constituency which is the largest in Murang’a may be divided into two is the amendments sailed through.

Kiharu, he remarked that it has far exceeded the threshold with a population of about 200,000 people.

Ngahu said under the current constitution, parts of Kiharu will be hived off and added to Kangema and Mathioya to balance off the population discrepancies.

“This would in turn disadvantage the two constituencies as they would not receive extra funds. That is why we were calling on people to ensure they participated in the 2019 census in their rural homes so that the constituencies can be saved,” he said.

Ngahu continued to reflect that the county originally had four constituencies that included Kandara, Kigumo, Kiharu and Kangema.

Gatanga was eventually hived off Kandara, Maragua from Kigumo and Mathioya from Kangema while Kiharu was left as it was.

“Kiharu people continue to be disadvantaged due to their high numbers and limited resources. Sometimes, you even pity their MP because he has to work harder with similar funds as other constituencies,” Ngahu said.

The MP who served after the death of former transport minister John Michuki in 2012 to 2017 stated there is a reason to support the BBI proposals as the amendments of the law will ensure more resources to devolved units.

He said anomalies in the current constitution will be rectified and also help in unity and cohesion in the country.

“The BBI proposed constitutional amendment will help in sealing most loopholes through which public funds seep through and will see more development affected.

The government, he noted, has been using huge amounts of funds to restore calm after every election, a problem that will be resolved through the constitutional review.

“With the proposed set up, a Presidential candidate will need to work together with several communities to clinch the seat which will remove the animosity experienced after elections,” he added.

By Bernard Munyao

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