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Murang’a leaders, residents eulogize former president, Moi

The  Murang’a Governor, Mwangi wa Iria has led other local leaders and residents to eulogize former President, Daniel  Toroitich  Arap  Moi who passed on  on Tuesday.

The  residents and leaders have hailed the rich legacy the former president left behind after serving for 24 years as head of state.

Wa Iria said since the time of the struggle for independence, Moi’s contributions to the country cannot be wished away.

Through his message sent to media houses, the governor noted that Moi who has passed on aged 95 years, managed to leave the country united despite the establishment of multiparty democracy in 1992.

The  former President who passed on today morning, served as vice president for 12 years before ascending to power as head of state after the death of the first President, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Wa Iria further observed that achievements witnessed during Moi’s era will be remembered in this nation saying his acceptance to bring in multiparty democracy cannot be ignored.

“You and other brave men, living and dead, who struggled for our country far above our power to add or detract, we may neither note nor remember what you said in your worthy lives but we will never forget your achievements. They will always chime, as the clock does, reminding us of your times and great victories over time,” Wa Iria eulogized Moi.

Moi is credited with mentoring many former and current leaders during his tenure as head of state.

The Murang’a County Woman Representative, Sabina Chege on her part said Moi’s legacy will be remembered for many years.

A  Murang’a resident, Ben Gachagua remembered Moi for starting the school milk programme that increased enrollment and the Nyayo Bus service to subsidize transport in urban areas for the low-income earners.

“We cannot forget that Moi ensured smooth transition from Kanu era to NARC regime. That was a milestone as the late president was a peace lover. Despite massive corruption which was associated with his government, there are many good things the current leaders can learn from Moi,” added Gachagua.

On her part, a business lady, Lucia Wamaitha said during Moi’s era, the country was more united as every part of the country was represented in his administration.

Wamaitha observed that the former President knew how to network with people at the grassroots and on how to enhance cohesion and integration in the country.

“Moi’s legacy as second president of Kenya will be remembered by generations to come,” she added.

By  Bernard Munyao

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