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Murang’a villages get piped water from Government

Residents of two villages in Kandara Sub County of Murang’a have something to smile after the government intervened and ensured they are connected to clean water supply.

The government through the Ministry of Water and Sanitation donated pipes, which enabled residents of Machegecha and Kirirwa villages to have water in their homes.

Residents in these two villages for a long time have been decrying the lack of clean water despite their area being endowed with permanent rivers.

The government through intervention of Water Principal Secretary Joseph Irungu, procured pipes amounting to Sh80 million which enabled more than 6,000 homesteads from the two villages to be connected to clean water.

Murang’a South Water and Sanitation Company (MUSWASCO) is the supplier of water, which has now relieved the local residents’ the hustle of fetching water from wells and rivers.

Kangunduini MCA Peter Mburu led the residents in complimenting the government citing challenges the locals have been undergoing to access water for domestic use.

Mburu said since independence, this was the first time that the locals got clean water connected to their homes.

“Residents of the two villages have been experiencing acute water shortage, a situation that has frustrated sanitation in their homes, livestock rearing and even causing their children to suffer from water borne diseases,” Mburu said.

He added that after the government provided the pipes, the residents took up the task of digging trenches and laying the pipes connecting homesteads.

“Locals dug trenches of more than 17 kilometres from the water source and connected to homes. This initiative helped them to easily access water as there were no funds set aside for the work of installing the pipes,” added the MCA saying availability of the essential commodity will improve hygiene in the area.

He added, “Accessibility of clean water will help to contain the spread of water borne diseases especially among children.”

“We are grateful now that clean piped water has finally reached our homes. We can now grow vegetables with ease since water will be in plenty and also support rearing of dairy cows,” remarked one of Machegecha villagers, Alex Mwangi.

Another resident Gerald Kamau, aged 75, observed that in his entire life, he has never seen any piped water in the village.

Kamau narrated that on many occasions he has suffered diseases caused by contaminated water and lauded the government for its intervention, which has seen the locals get water like those from other parts of the County.

He said the rare commodity has been costing them a lot of money, noting that most homes used to buy water which cost not less than Sh200 on a daily basis.

MUSWASCO deployed its engineers to assist the locals connect the pipes. The company will ensure the residents access clean water at reasonable charges.

By Bernard Munyao and Anita Omwenga

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