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Murang’a woman thriving in motor vehicle mechanics

A 24-year-old woman in Murang’a has defied stereotypes to become the much sought after motor vehicle mechanic.

Jane Mwangi, a technical school graduate in Kangema Sub County, has earned her place in the traditionally male dominated field by mastering the skill of car repair.

Mwangi says that being the first born in her family pushed her to learn the skills in order to help provide for her other four siblings.

“My siblings look upon me and I could therefore not sit and watch them suffer, I had to be good in what I do,” she says with marked satisfaction.

She says that she has taken it upon herself to be the best in her job and prove beyond reasonable doubts that even women can make good mechanics.

Mwangi says she got the inspiration from one of her uncles, who was able to provide for his family by working as a mechanic in one of the local Matatu saccos.

“My uncle’s life turned around after he became a mechanic, he became the breadwinner for his own family as well as his extended family including ours,” said Mwangi.

Mwangi stated that after graduating with a certificate in motor vehicle mechanics, she honed skills she needs for the job and urged other young women to enroll for such technical courses.

“I have been working as a mechanic in one of the workshops here in Murang’a since my internship in 2019, it is a good job but with challenges like any other,” she said, adding that she often faced delayed payment from some of her clients.

Mwangi hopes to set her own garage in future, where she will hire female employees as a way of empowering more women to embrace technical works.

By Judy Wambui and Simon Kariuki

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