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Murang’a’s 20th Sabbatical session concludes with 31 participants

The 20th session of St John Paul II Sabbatical programme was concluded on Friday with the graduation of 31 participants.

The colourful event that was held at St John Paul II Sabbatical centre in Samar, Maragua drew participants from 11 dioceses and 10 Congregations from six countries.

The participants who comprised 24 priests, five sisters and two brothers graduated with a certificate in Multicultural, Psycho-spiritual counselling and Human and Personal Development.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Bishop Peter Adrin Chifukwa of the Catholic Diocese of Dedza Malawi observed that the programme offers a moment of prayer and reflection and an experience of rebirth of the participant’s vocation.

“It is a rebirth that has to bear a lasting impact on what we do and what we say as we have been made aware of our talents and strengths with which we are called to build the communities we shall be assigned to,” said the Bishop

“In this programme, we have been helped to not only reflect on our vocation but also realise our weaknesses, accept them and most importantly to control them so that they may not grow into sin, that they may not grow into a burden that others may find hard to bear,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Fr George Kaoma of the catholic diocese of Ndola, Zambia confirmed that through an integrated programme of workshops, spiritual exercises coupled with an ambience conducive for quality rest, prayer, renewal, and growth and healing, the four months programme had shaped their lives into new vessels of God’s treasure.

“Just like clay in the hands of a potter, the session has enabled us to understand ourselves as clay in the potters hand and allow God to mould us for the vocation to love, be patient with others, endure with others and hope with others as members of the Christian family,” he said.

A brain child of the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a, St John Paul II Sabbatical Centre was launched in August 2013 and focuses on renewal and ongoing formation of priests, religious men and women as well as giving them an opportunity to rest and rekindle their spiritual life.

The programme has continuously attracted participants from various parts of the world and has had a significant impact in their lives.

The 21st session is set to start in August.

By Florence Kinyua

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