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Musicians Urged to Promote BBI Report

Local mucisians in Siaya County have been challenged to use their talent to sensitize the public on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Speaking during a fundraiser for the local musicians in Bondo today, Kenyatta National Hospital board chair Eng Nicholas Gumbo told the musicians to compose songs that will educate the locals on the benefits of BBI.

Eng.Gumbo said the musicians have the power to conduct civil education through their songs that will not only help the people make wise decision during referendum but also make prudent leadership choices.

He observed that it was important for musicians to compose songs with current themes that touch on desires and aspirations of the people for them to remain relevant.

“As musicians you need to be in touch with the needs of the society. It is not wrong to compose love songs but it is also important to echo the desires of the society for you to remain relevant in the music industry”, said Gumbo.

Gumbo said that he fully supports the BBI proposals of increasing the county allocation to 35% saying that with good leadership in the counties, the money will enhance service delivery and improve the living standards of people at the local levels.

“If there is adequate Civic education on the need to have leaders with integrity to manage the huge resources, the public will make correct leadership choices” he said

The former legislator told the musicians to emulate the late musician Owino Misiani by composing songs that influence public perceptions on societal ills and foster solidarity of members of the community.

“If you do not know about how Civic education is done through music download and listen to Misiani’s songs”, he said

Gumbo noted that the time for political competition was over and there is no need for the musicians to compose campaign songs but should focus on the current themes.

“Whatever happened in previous elections are bygones. We need to move on and focus on what is ahead. This BBI should not be about what individual leaders will get but what the people will get after it is implemented.

By Brian Ondeng


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