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Muslims in Meru Hold Quran Reciting Competition in the County

Muslims in Meru Sunday held their first ever Quran reciting competition, popularly known as Musabaqah, for children in the county.
The event which was held at Meru Muslim primary school grounds saw children of different ages from various Madrassa participate in various categories of reciting the Quran.
According to the organisers, the competition which was open to all members of the public, was meant to make the children have a grasp of the Islamic teachings and keep them busy especially during the school holidays.
“Instead of seeing our children get lured into irresponsible behavior such as drug abuse, we saw it good to arrest the abundant energy that they have through letting them attend Madrassa to master the Quran and compete amongst themselves,” said Meru Chief Kadhi Abdulrahman Mureithi.
Abdulrahman noted that such events if embraced by all other different religious groups could help guard children against being lured into bad behavior.
Kadhi regretted that many children had become victims of bad behavior because they are falling prey to drugs and bad company during school holidays.
“During school holidays we have a great chance of shaping our children and instilling a lot of morals in them rather than allowing them to join the bandwagon of bad behavior,” he advised.
Abdulrahman added that the event was also meant to show case what is usually taught in Madrassas and dispel the notion that children get radicalized in such places.
He highlighted the need for translations of the Quran into different languages so that people who did not profess the Islamic religion could have a chance to read and understand the contents of the Holy Book to avoid cases of stereotyping and victimisation of Muslims.
He also urged Kenyans to embrace the culture of reading religious books to both build their faith and avoid being misled by those who misuse religion for selfish interests.
Jamila Mohamed a parent echoed the Kadhi’s sentiments saying they were excited to hold such a competition in the region.
She stated that Madrassa are meant to teach children the Quran, instill discipline and train them on how to live with other people harmoniously.
The organisers have planned to be holding such events annually maintaining that Islam has many followers in the region.
Winners in the competition were awarded gifts and certificates as a motivation.
By Richard Muhambe

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