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Governor Mwangaza unveils Laare Health Center upgrade

In a momentous visit to the Laare Health Center grounds today in Igembe North, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza left an indelible mark as she launched a transformative project aimed at bolstering healthcare services in the region.

The focal point of her visit was the official opening of the much-anticipated men’s ward, signifying a substantial stride forward in the provision of gender-balanced medical care.

In a ceremony attended by local dignitaries, healthcare professionals, and community members, Mwangaza unveiled her ambitious plan to enhance the healthcare infrastructure and service delivery within the precincts of the Laare Health Center, including making it a level 4 hospital.

The governor’s approach is expected to revolutionise the healthcare landscape of the region, promising improved access and quality medical services for all.

Laare Health Centre will also receive other benefits, including the expansion of the emergency department, the procurement of advanced medical equipment, and the recruitment of additional medical personnel to bolster the center’s workforce.

The residents, who could not hide their joy, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Governor Mwangaza for her unwavering dedication to uplift the healthcare status of the region.

Mwangaza further expressed her commitment to ensuring Laare Health Center becomes a beacon of medical excellence and a symbol of progress for the entire region. “It’s my wish that this facility gives effective, efficient, and quality health services to Mwananchi,” Mwangaza said.

By Kamanja Maeria and Isaiah Mutharimi

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