Legislator calls for urgent interventions to avert hunger

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Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi has urged the national government to chip in and help in fighting starvation as hunger bites parts of Mwingi Sub County.

Mulyungi said that the ongoing drought has affected many families and hence intense government intervention is required urgently.

According to him, many residents have faced acute food shortages in the last few weeks.

He added that the prolonged drought has made water accessibility a nightmare forcing residents to trek kilometers to quench their thirst.

The MP urged the government, NGOs and well-wishers to chip in as the lengthy drought has led to hunger and drying up of almost all sources of water across Mwingi Sub County.

“I want to ask the government and well-wishers to chip in as many people are starving and in urgent need of food. Drought is acute and starvation is real. The incoming government needs to speed up to avert hunger related deaths,” said Mulyungi.

His plea comes in the wake of an NDMA report last week which indicated that Kitui and particularly parts of Mwingi North is in alert stage owing to failed rains in the last two seasons.

Last week during a tour to Mwingi North by National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), the Authority Chairman Raphael Nzomo said that the prolonged dry seasons are eroding efforts being made by the government to make water accessible in ASAL areas.

Nzomo confirmed that in the last two years NDMA has used more than Sh 330 million to improve water access in these areas.

Two months ago, when he visited Mwingi Sub County, Eastern Regional Commissioner Evans Achoki confirmed that the government has put in place different cash transfer programmes to vulnerable houses to cushion residents against serious food scarcity.

Mulyungi was speaking at his grandmother’s funeral service which was attended by Wiper Party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Kitui Women representative Irene Kasalu and all Kitui county elected MCAs.

By Charles Matacho 

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