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NACADA Intensifies Sensitizations Programs in Kirinyaga

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has organised various sensitisation forums in Kirinyaga following the unfortunate event of an illicit brew that killed over 20 people.

Led by NACADA Central Region manager Amos Warui they conducted an open forum in Kirinyaga West Sub-County, Mwea Constituency, themed “Positive Parenting” targeting the residents since the incident affected different age groups, the youngest being 35 years and the oldest being over seventy years.

Mr Warui said the forum is one of the various interventions they are putting in place in the community because parents have a major role to play in the society’s development.

“Majority of those passed on were parents and we have to remind them they have responsibilities and roles to play in the eradication of brews and drug substances,” Warui said.

He noted that the engagement with the public will enable them to find the best way to eradicate the brews and what best way NACADA should adopt in the process of dealing with the problem.

“We have healthy engagements where the public are giving proposals on how to address the menace, this will guide us as NACADA on what considerations to look into,” he added.

Warui noted that since the crackdown began and the closure of bars in Kirinyaga County the consumption of alcohol has gone down calling upon the county government to reduce the number of bar outlets and help in starting rehabilitation centres.

“The County should reduce the number of outlets. They should use the license fees toward alcohol control programmes and the construction of rehabilitation centres. The Central region of Nyeri County has a rehabilitation facility,” Warui said.

NACADA will be doing research and surveys in respective counties to establish the magnitude of drug abuse and come up with necessary interventions.

He challenged the parents to support their children in all ways possible despite the lack of job opportunities. Kirinyaga being an agricultural county, Warui said the horticulture practice can help them be busy and earn a living.

“Parents, let us support our children. When we engage the youth, they tell us they are engaging in drug use due to a lack of employment, but if we keep them busy, they will not get time to go into drugs,” he said.

Kangai Member of County Assembly, James Wambu, appreciated the way NACADA has been responding since the first incidents occurred in his ward. He noted that some parents admit their failure in taking up responsibilities. He added that they should make use of toll-free numbers provided by NACADA, 1192, and county government, 0800721812, to share any information that is vital in ending illicit brews.

John Gitari, resident of Kangai, said the government should continuously deal with illicit brews, not only when people lose lives. He pointed out that the creation of job opportunities at both levels of government will reduce the use of drugs and other harmful substances by the youth.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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