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NACADA steps up war against illicit brews

The National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has said they will tighten the initiative to get rid of counterfeit alcoholic drinks, illicit brews and narcotic substances in the central region.

According to Central region NACADA Program Manager Amos Warui, they will enforce compliance with the national standards and other regulations, eliminate illicit and counterfeit alcoholic drinks and educate the public on the dangers of the drinks and narcotic substances.

Speaking in Kirinyaga County when he joined the County Commissioner Moses Ivuto in destroying seized second generation alcohol and other narcotics, Warui said research has shown in preliminary reports that there is decrease in alcohol in Central.

However, this was giving way to other dangerous and addictive drugs such as bhang, heroin and cocaine, he added.

“Preliminary reports of our research shows reduction of alcoholic drinks but bhang, cocaine and heroin are getting into the central region, they are dangerous and addictive,” Warui said.

He urged the public to report any form of drug in the area and cautioned parents to be careful with their children during this long holiday.

He further extended a clarion call to the County government to build a rehabilitation center from the taxes they collect from the licensing of the bars to help reform the addicts.

“Everyone should take responsibility and report any individual selling drugs and illicit alcohol to the security teams”, he said.

“As you know the licensing of bars is a devolved function and currently is done by governments, we request them to build at least one rehabilitation centre from the taxes they collect,” he added.

During the event over 1800 litres of illicit brews and 241 rolls of bhang were destroyed.

On his part, Ivuto indicated that some of these illegal businesses further drive in other forms of crime such as money laundering and petty crimes.

He added the county security team has resolved to fight against counterfeit goods, illegal brews, fake stamps and uncertified products that are harmful.

“We had slowed down a bit because our focus was on security during the general election. We are now putting full efforts in ensuring that the war on drugs and illicit brews and those taking part in such unscrupulous businesses are dealt with promptly,” said Ivuto.

The county commissioner urged the Kirinyaga residents to use DCI’s toll free number 0800722203 to report such cases because the business is not only a health hazard, but also evades taxation and gives unfair competition to genuine dealers.

He warned that the bars operating out of stipulated time will face legal action including the consumers.

The County police Alfred Okengo said as police service will implement the law without any favor.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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