Nairobi County launches climate action plan 2020-2050

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The Nairobi City County government has today launched the Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2020-2050 which was spearheaded by Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu and Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director General, Major General Mohammed Badi.

This policy makes Nairobi the first city in Kenya to adopt such a plan which aims to create green jobs, restore parks, open spaces that will improve mobility options to citizens, enhance air point’s management and embrace clean energy options.

Speaking during the launch, Kananu said her government is working closely with the C40 cities climate leadership group to develop scientific evidence based on greenhouse gas emissions in the city which informed the transformative climate change interventions contained in the plan.

“These actions have been domesticated from the national planet change action plan 2018-2022 and take into consideration key strategies from the city such as County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) medium term plans, annual development plans, key policies and regulations on air quality, urban planning mobility, energy, security, water and management strategies,” said Kananu.

She added that the CAP will make Nairobi to restore the glory of being the green city under the sun.

She further directed all the agencies in charge of Nairobi City County to move with speed and identify companies that emit pollution adding that the County executive committee in charge of environment must also work closely with the team to ensure that all achieved findings have been tabled for action.

The NMS Director General, Mohamed Badi said that the partnership of the County Government and the NMS has revitalized service delivery in the city to improve the livelihood of the people of Nairobi by addressing disparities caused by the climate change.

He added that in the transport sector, there will be a relocation of bus stations out of the Central Business District to Green Park, Desai and Park road terminals to improve air quality.

He further stated that NMS supported construction of the ExpressWay which is aimed at curbing traffic within the city of Nairobi.

“On Solid waste management there is a great improvement in efforts to clear the environment of garbage averaging to 3,000 tons daily. This has helped a lot by reducing generation of greenhouse gases brought about by improper waste management,” said Badi.

The CAP 2020-2050 has partnered with NMS, Nairobi City County, C40 Cities, Kenya Forest Service, Equity Bank, Safaricom and others.

By Sammy Macharia and Abdiaziz Mohamed

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