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Nairobi Gubernatorial Aspirant casts his vote

The Azimio Gubernatorial candidate for Nairobi County Polycarp Igathe has said that end of the election exercise tomorrow Wednesday should be a time for Kenyans to unite and become one country.

Igathe who was addressing the media after casting his vote today at Kenya Technical Trainers College said there should be no reason whatsoever for Kenyans to hurt and hate one another as they are people of one country.

“We are one country Taifa moja, Kenya moja” Igathe while urging the electorate to vote peacefully.

He at the same time told Kenyans to remember that democracy is about the majority having their way and the minority having their say.

He said this is the first in a long time that all political candidates in this electioneering period were able to sell their policies and campaign across the country regardless of where a candidate hails from.

Igathe said freedom is healthy as it reduces the political risks of the country.

By Bernadette Khaduli

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