Nairobi hosts 4th African Youth Nuclear Summit

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Kenya is this year hosting to the 4th African Youth Nuclear Summit with 20 nations across Africa, and more than 2,500 youthful members gathering at the capital Nairobi, are expected to participate.

The youth with unity of purpose to accelerate the application of nuclear science and technology across Africa,  aim to achieve a prosperous sustainable global economy, propelled by nuclear energy for the motherland and the world at large.

Africa has the youngest population with more than 400 million young people aged between 15 to 35years, is considered a great resource and opportunity for the continent’s growth.

Therefore, the African youth for nuclear generation, is to ensure that this new generation is fully empowered to realize their best potential and meet their desire and aspiration.

The aim of the Summit is to explore the potential and promises of nuclear science and technology for economic sustainability, reliable and low carbon electricity generation for the future.

The challenges associated with nuclear science and technology can be overcome through continued innovation, collaboration and participatory dialogue among stakeholders, in the nuclear industry and beyond.

Further, in a world faced with climate change, population growth and energy security, it is advisable to explore diverse and sustainable sources of energy, that entails availability and acceptability of energy, at an affordable price.

The Government of Kenya has identified nuclear energy to be commissioned in 2034, to power the national development goals, therefore, access to clean, environment friendly, competitive-priced, reliable, safe and sustainable energy, is essential for the achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Speaking at the event, Nuclear Power and Energy Agency, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Justus Wabuyabu, stated that Kenya has made significant steps in the implementation of the nuclear power programme, as it has carried out pre-feasibility studies on the nuclear power programme.

He added that the country also enacted the Nuclear Regulatory Act of 2019, which established to put in place an independent nuclear regulatory body, Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA).

Seamlessly, Wabuyabu observed, Kenya continues to develop and enhance infrastructure and human capacity, for the responsible use of nuclear energy and technology.

“The focus being on human capital, workforce, development, education, training, public participation and acceptance with the goal to attain high standards and practices, in nuclear safety, security, safeguards and non-proliferation,” he highlighted.

At the same time, Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA), Director General (DG), James Keter, noted that, “We must now arise and change the narrative of nuclear power from that of war and annihilation to progress and peaceful utilization.”

He also urged other Africa nuclear players to roll-up their sleeves and support the development and harmonization of nuclear policies, laws and regulations across the continent.

By Okal Kevin and Vennah Onyango

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