Nakuru ready to rollout influenza vaccination drive

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The Department of Health Services in Nakuru has finalised plans to cascade the rollout of the influenza vaccination initiative to prevent and contain the spread of seasonal flu in the county.

The move, according to health officials, was to cushion the vulnerable population, such as the elderly, expectant mothers, children, and those with weakened immunity.

Speaking at a hotel in Nakuru today, Chief Officer for Health Janet Abuki said over 30 Sub County Health Managers have been sensitised on influenza vaccination ahead of the vaccination exercise, which is the most effective way to prevent influenza disease among the high-risk groups.

She said influenza, or the flu, is highly contagious, and it can spread rapidly within a community. But when more people are vaccinated, it creates a level of herd community. And that makes it harder for the virus to spread, hence protecting those who might be more susceptible to severe flu-related complications.

Emphasising the importance of vaccination, the officer observed that influenza can cause a wide range of symptoms, from mild to severe, and in some cases, it can be life-threatening.

She noted that by getting vaccinated, residents of Nakuru can significantly reduce their risk of getting the flu since it helps prevent the illness and the associated discomfort.

Apart from that, Ms. Abuki noted that without vaccination, influenza has the capacity to strain healthcare facilities and resources, especially during flu outbreaks. Thus, by reducing the number of flu cases through vaccination, the healthcare system in Nakuru can better allocate resources to other critical medical needs.

Apart from that, she said that when a significant number of the population gets sick with the flu, it can disrupt economic and social activities. People may fail to go to work or school, which has a negative impact on productivity.

Nakuru has been on the national frontlines for effectively deploying routine vaccinations to targeted groups as a way of enhancing and improving healthcare throughout the county.

By Veronica Bosibori

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