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Nakuru to launch football tournaments

Nakuru City Board is set to organize quarterly football tournaments during school holiday seasons, to nurture talents and promote the sport across the County, with the inaugural event scheduled for April 2024.

This was revealed during today’s a meeting between the Chief Officer for Youth, Sports, Talent, and Resource Mobilisation, Alex Maina, and the City Board leadership, led by Stephen Muli, the Board’s Chairman, at the County offices.

The Chief Officer endorsed the idea and pledged the department’s support. He further stressed the importance of involving necessary stakeholders, such as the Federation of Kenya Football (FKF).

Maina said sports are important in students’ lives because they empower them to make their own decisions and assist them in gaining skills, confidence, and self-esteem, which are crucial for their future careers.

He noted that through participation in sports and different games such as chess, pool, and table tennis, students learn cooperation, teamwork, patience, leadership methods, and time management, which are crucial in the current world.

He further noted that games help students to discover their hidden talents, interact with different people, and learn many things outside the classroom environment.

The Chief Officer observed that unlike in the past, when all estates had open space for children to play, the increased population has led to the construction of high-rise buildings, and therefore, more often than not, students spend their holidays watching television, which is unhealthy for their growth.

During school holidays, most parents in Nakuru City send their children to the National Library, not necessarily to read but to reduce boredom at home. The Officer in Charge of the Library, Mrs. Purity Mutuku, hailed the introduction of football tournaments, saying it would reduce congestion that, on most holidays leads to some children sitting on the floor due to lack of space.

By Veronica Bosibori

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